Zoning & Planning


Town of Addison: Zoning & Planning

Phone Number 262-629-5420
Fax Number 262-629-5718

Zoning and Planning Staff

Building Inspector: Gordon Hoffmann, 262-677-2270
Zoning Administrator: Jill Fieweger, 262-629-5420

Office Hours

Wednesday 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.


  • Zoning Ordinance Information
  • Building Permit Applications

Plan Commission Members

Plan Commission Chairman: Robert Bingen, 262 689-7994
Plan Commissioner: Lisa Anderson, 262 629-5087
Plan Commissioner: Steve Fieweger, 262 629-5713
Plan Commissioner: Leroy Infalt, 262 673-2064
Plan Commissioner: Gary Karnitz, 262 707-9668
Plan Commissioner: Frank Novotny, 262 629-5905
Plan Commissioner: Dan Wolf, 262 629-5040

Board of Appeals Members

Board of Appeals Chairman: Frank Novotny
Board of Appeals: David Griesbach
Board of Appeals: Kenneth Habeck
Board of Appeals: James Hartmann
Board of Appeals: Daniel Zuelke
Board of Appeals Alternate: Jerry Priesgen
Board of Appeals Alternate: Robert Wesp